Doctoral Dissertation Presentation 2021


Event: Doctoral Dissertation Presentation 2021
Date: May 16, Sunday 2021   15:00〜19:00

Program for Doctoral Dissertation Presentation 2021


List of the Presentations




Mr. Masato Sakabe, Ph.D.

Tokyo Metropolitan University


“Studies of organo-element chemistry starting from junior high school science”



Mr. Denis Pastory Rubanga, Ph.D.

Tokyo University of Agriculture

“Integration of ICT and Artificial Intelligence to Enhance Tomato Production”Abstract_DenisRubanga



Mr. Yu Chikaoka, Ph.D.

Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology


“Electrolyte Design for Next-Generation Electrochemical Capacitors with High Power and High Energy Densities”



Mr. Youngkyu Kim, Ph.D.

Kyoto University

“Analyzing Uncertainty in Probable Maximum Precipitation Estimation using the Moisture Maximization Method”Abstract_KimYoungKyu



Ms. Moeko Okada, Ph.D.

Kobe University

「二粒系コムギとAegilops umbellulataの間の隔離障壁に関する遺伝学的研究」

“Genetic studies on reproductive isolation between tetraploid wheat and Aegilops umbellulate



Mr. Mohammad Ibrahim Haqani, Ph.D.

Hiroshima University

“Identification of quantitative trait loci for production traits in Japanese quail (Coturnix japonica)”Abstract_MohammadIbrahimHaqani

Ms. Pemba Mawonga Christelle, MD, Ph.D.

Nagasaki University

“Development of an RT-LAMP assay for the detection of Lassa viruses in southeast and south-central Nigeria”Abstract_PembaMawongaChristelle



Mr. Oduori Sylvanus Okechi, MD, Ph.D.

Kobe University

“Producing insufficient insulin yet diabetic? Your pancreatic beta-cells have changed the major signaling pathway”Abstract_OkechiOduori



Mr. Kaoru Richard Komatsu, Ph.D.

Kyoto University


“RNA structure-wide discovery of functional interactions with multiplexed RNA motif library”





Ms. Nanase Shirota, Ph.D.

University of Cambridge


“The Japanese Art of Listening: An ethnographic investigation into the role of the listener”





Mr. Toshiaki Aizawa, Ph.D.

University of York


“Ex-ante Inequality of opportunity in Child Malnutrition: New evidence from Ten Developing Countries in Asia”





Mr. Panthi Pradeep, Ph.D.

Nagoya University

「金融発展、政治経済制度と経済成長の関係 -アジア諸国とネパールの事例より-」

Financial Development, Institutions, and Economic Growth: Evidence from Asian Economies and Case Studies of Nepal





Mr. Hani Abdelhadi, Ph.D.

Keio University

「パレスチナ問題における「解決」のディスコース分析 ―檻としてのナショナリズムに関する批判的検討―」

“Discourse Analysis on “Solution” for the Question of Palestine ― A Critical Study on Nationalism as a Cage ―”





Mr. Sanfo Mohamadou Bassirou Jean-Baptiste, Ph.D.

Kobe University

“Examining Effect of Family, School and Community Factors on Primary School Students’
Attendance and Learning Achievements in Burkina Faso: Focused on Gold Mining Areas”