Frequently Asked QuestionsFrequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


Account (My Page) Requirements to apply Applicants information Academic result Curriculum Vitae Personal statement Research plan Recommendation letter Other questions regarding online application Interview test

Account (My Page)

1. I cannot receive the account activation email from the online application system.

Check out your spam mailbox.

Some servers may refuse to accept the email from this system. Instead, try to sign up with another email address like webmail.

Requirements to apply

1. I have not taken an entrance examination to enter university in Fall 2024. Can I apply?If you are going to take an entrance examination to enter university in Fall 2024, you are eligible to apply.
2. Since I am about to take the entrance exam, I will not be able to upload my acceptance letter before the application deadline.Input the estimated date of the result announcement of the entrance examination.
3. I am not currently enrolled in the university, but I will take an entrance examination to enter in Fall 2023. Can I apply?Yes.
4. Should I go back to my home country as soon as I graduate from the university?A few years to work in Japan or other countries before returning to the home country is admitted.

Applicants information

1. I cannot upload a photo.

Check out the following things.

  1. The data size should be smaller than 500KB.
  2. The favorable aspect ratio(width to height) is 4:3.
  3. The file of the image should be .jpg or .gif.
2. My supervisor from Fall 2023 has not yet been determined.Input “To be determined.”

Academic result

1. Should I input the academic result of graduate school, in which I am in progress?If you can get the academic result, input them. If you cannot get it, you can leave the table blank.
2. Should I count the credits I earned at the university I attended as an exchange student?If the credits are necessary for graduation, count them as well.
3. Should I input Kosen’s (Technical College’s) academic result? If you transferred from Kosen to a university, count the units you earned in Kosen.
4. I graduated from two universities. Should I input both academic results?

You may enter both or one of them. 

If your grades from the first university are “certified” by the second university, please enter the total of both grades.

Curriculum Vitae


1. The input field of universities is insufficient. Input in the field of “Other academic background” or “Other remarks” at the bottom of the page.

Personal statement

1. Should I input about the family living in my home country?Input about your parents and siblings. If you are married, provide information about your spouse and child(ren).

Research plan

1. Can I write it in English?No, write it in Japanese. If you cannot write in Japanese, request someone translate it into Japanese.
2. Can I increase the pages of the template?Adding a few pages is allowed.
3. Can I insert figures?Yes.
4. How much should I write in detail?Selection committee members are professionals in each academic field. However, since it is difficult to cover every detailed academic area, to be written concisely is favorable.
5. I don’t have academic achievements yet. What should I write?Write “Nothing” or leave the space blank.
6. What are the activities in society?They could be a volunteer, sports, or cultural activity that you were highly evaluated on.

Recommendation letter

1. Is there a template for a recommendation letter?No.
2. Should I have a recommendation letter written by the professor who will supervise me from Fall 2023?Either the new supervisor or the previous one is acceptable.
3. Is the recommendation letter in English acceptable because my supervisor is a foreigner?Yes, it is.
4. Is a seal (stamp) needed in the recommendation letter?A recommendation letter writer should put a seal (stamp) or a signature when you upload it yourself.
5. A recommender wants to send the letter directly to the Honjo Foundation without handing it to me(the applicant). Is it acceptable?Yes. Input the recommender’s name instead of uploading the letter into the online application form.

Other questions regarding online application

1. The page does not proceed though there is no error found.The auto-translation system installed on your PC may cause disturb the correct work of the online application system. Remove it and log in again.
2. Can you confirm the acceptance of my application?No. If you click the “Application” button on the last page and PDF files are generated automatically, your application is completed.

Interview test

1. Is the interview test conducted in English?

No. It is conducted in Japanese. However, it is not to evaluate language skills.

Candidates should prepare an oral explanation about themselves and their research in the easy Japanese language.

2. I will be out of Japan on the day of the interview test. Interview tests can be conducted online if the candidate cannot be at the interview site.